Imagine your home after all the construction, demolition or renovation. You can envision finally enjoying a quiet moment of relaxation and wellness. Maybe you see yourself standing at your new Kitchen sink or relaxing in your new tub, glass of wine in hand and candles lit.

With new plumbing installed, you assume your water is fine and free of contaminants, (because it looks clear.) Your local water source may monitor for lead and other dangerous substances. However, once in a while you hear of lead problems in towns close to yours and you wonder.

However, it wasn’t so long ago that areas of Bergen and Hudson County had Lead found in water in NJ as noted in a Channel 2 CBS report.

While water may be a small part of the concept of wellness (see last blog post How to add Wellness in Your Coastal Home ) the importance of a healthy clear water system in your home is too important to ignore. So take the time to learn about your home’s water especially before any new construction.

Here are a few links about water purification systems and reverse osmosis systems to read that could make the difference in your life and your family’s health in the future.

Water Purification Systems

Best Reverse Osmosis Water System

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