Now that we are into Daylight Savings Time, east coast homes are gearing up for this year’s Summer fun at the Shore. While some homes are rushing to finish their new construction, others are renovating or updating their weekend vacation homes.

Schumacher has your back if you want to add some great energy to your home.

While updating a home can be extensive, you may only need to add new lighting, wallpaper or paint color. For instance, add a touch of a new color for one of the best ways to change the look and feel of a room. And yes, it could be a new paint color, on walls or ceilings. But, why not add a fabulous light fixture in a fun and favorite color?

The wall sconce in blue is so much more interesting than white, gray, black…

So, now it’s your turn to “hit refresh” and add some great color in the form of paint, wallpaper or furniture. That’s what my best clients do now so they can enjoy their summertime homes before guests and family arrive.

It’s so fun. Let’s start doing this today!

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