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Save Time and Money with this Trend

Trend II – Fabrics for your busy life 

Photo courtesy of L Randolph Design and Perennials Fabrics

Since forever, I’ve not been a coupon saver. But, who isn’t happy to save money and time with something you use everyday?

Indoor/outdoor fabrics are a ‘what’s happening’ trend for use inside the home (almost as much as they are known for use on patio furniture). They save the time and money formerly needed to schedule your upholstered fabrics’ annual cleaning.

In our home and my clients’ homes, I automatically gravitate towards fabrics that can be cleaned in a jiffy, without the need to scrub till the fabric fades. Fabric companies like Sunbrella, known for standing up to the elements are all the rage now inside the home.

Besides Sunbrella, you can add Perennials to your go-to list of indoor-outdoor fabrics for your home. It seems that this company is really interested in your home. In fact, you might say they are on a mission – a mission to invigorate the design community with fun, resilient fabrics.

From the day they started till now, they’ve introduced scores of 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabrics, rugs and trims that are also guaranteed against fading for three years. Obviously, this trend will add beauty and ease to your living spaces both indoors and out for many seasons.

And who doesn’t like a trend that is here to stay?

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