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Sleep Tight with your Safe and Connected Home (image courtesy of Serena and Lily)

A few weeks ago I was invited by a coastal architect to discuss how we work with clients. Architect Paul Rugarber, AIA of PDR Designs in Point Pleasant, New Jersey asked if my clients include smart home technology when building or renovating a home. “Yes”, I replied (somewhat tentatively). Though I can’t say I’ve been hands on with smart home design, I immediately thought of my clients Barbara and Mike. As soon as their home began construction, they hired a home automation company to design a state-of-the-art smart home  system.

Since their home is built for weekends and summers, Mike felt it was a good idea to wire their home for not only security purposes, but for lighting and a host of other options. And it’s those ‘other options’ that I decided I needed to learn about ASAP. Meanwhile, I received an email from – you guessed it, a consultant, Jason from ITEC Consultants, who helps clients to develop the same kind of system Mike and Barbara use for peace of mind at the shore and from their home base.

Since I agreed to meet Jason to hear about his company, I decided I should ‘cram’ a bit and catch up on the newest in smart home automation. Yes, home automation is often thought of for issues like security or window treatments that can be raised and lowered with a cassette. But today, it seems a smart home can be so much more.

In fact, since I started reading about home automation in the book Home Attitude Everything You Need To Know To Make Your Home SmartI discovered two things. I realize that I actually know a little more than I thought I knew, and secondly there is so much more to learn!

Of course, it’s always great to be open to learn new things, concepts and insights. But, I’ve already thought of ways I can share my new knowledge with my clients every day. For instance, one of my clients was away from her home. While away, a water leak developed in her basement. Luckily she discovered the leak on her arrival home and the damage was minimal.

To prevent future damage, I’ve learned that their home can have sensors installed for water leak detection. Sensors can be installed as not only an alert, but it can turn off the water main valve. As John R. Patrick in Home Attitude writes ” A modest investment in leak sensors is a small price to pay compared to mold remediation services.”

Besides water leak detection, security and lighting, smart homes today use technology for creating customized scenarios to make your life not only safe, but efficient in ways I never thought of before.

Stay tuned for the latest ways to keep your coastal home secure and connected at home or away.