Coastal Living Idea House
Coastal Living Idea House pre-Hurricane and  Photo by Jean Allsopp  

Last week we were heading north along the coast for our Friday evening seafood meal at Spikes. Along the way, we noticed the new homes being built in Mantoloking and Bay Head, New Jersey. These are homes built by construction companies that are sought out for their expertise. What we see is the result of hours of study, design and strategy developed by architects who are familiar with building near the coast.

As an interior designer, I concentrate more on the aesthetics of a home. But since Hurricane Sandy, I’ve began to study the structural aspects of building a coastal home. Besides being built to withstand a hurricane, these new coastal homes are often built to be ‘green’ as well as climate-efficient.

It’s not just going ‘green’ because it’s the ‘thing to do’. It’s taking steps to ensure the health of those who will live in the coastal home. For instance, selecting the best furnishings, flooring, cabinetry, etc. that will not emit damaging fumes into the air you breathe. It’s more than restricting water in your kitchens and baths.

Good Ideas appear After Adversity

It often takes a disaster, like an earthquake or a hurricane to create new ideas and concepts that should have been developed in the past. Look back at the way homes were previously built along our New Jersey coast. Small bungalows were built on ground level only yards from the ocean. Now, we remark on the remaining few homes that have not been raised – they now seem to be the exception.

So, if you’re building or restoring a home near the coast or building a new home in land, there’s no better time than now to educate yourself in the state-of-the-art residential construction knowledge. Below I’ve listed a few articles with links to point you in the right direction.