Bubble, Bubble, no toil, no trouble

Imagine this – after a busy day of work (or visiting your home under construction), you are settled into a tub of warm water, bubbles, millions of them, surround you and the feeling is frankly awesome. But wait, there is more. Not only are the bubbles relaxing you, they are performing amazing feats of wellness and beauty without you lifting a finger.

What the oxygen rich bubbles from the MTI drop-in or Sculpted Finish® soaking or air bath tubs produce to obtain the effects below:

  • 50% more dissolved oxygen than regular water
  • Hydration of your skin
  • Exfoliation

This could be your self-gift for all that you do for others. It could be the one thing that gets you through the days work, and/or the construction process or remodeling process of your home. Besides adding wellness to your day, the experience of bubbles floating around you could bring you back to your childhood bubble bath memories.

For now, let’s take a moment to envision ourselves in a peaceful home built with wellness in mind. Besides the most soothing tub, the water that fills the tub should be healthy too.

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