I’ve been meaning to tell you …

When I read this remark by Neil Donald Walsh “life begins at the end of your comfort zone” I thought of you and so many of our clients. It’s true. Starting a new home or renovation can be a challenge from start to finish. Been there last year and done that too!

When we started our 1st floor renovation last year, we removed all of our favorite furniture to the garage so the new flooring and new kitchen project could start. Our garage become our kitchen for a number of weeks, while the old cabinets were removed and the new cabinets were installed.

We also used the dumpster that was ordered for the old cabinets to let go of quite a few pieces of furniture and ‘things’. (I felt so lightened up after doing this like I had lost a hundred pounds!)

Luckily we have a utility sink in our garage and we set up shelves for dinnerware and storage of food. Besides our garage we have a screened in porch so we had access to our refrigerator.

Above all, we set up a small table in our bedroom so we could enjoy dinner with our pup Max at the end of each day.

Comfortable may not describe those weeks of renovation. But the end result was beyond our wildest dreams. Our renovation not only transformed our home, but transformed our lives.

What questions are running through your minds these days about your home or renovation?

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