For years we were so busy with our clients design work, and so it took a major step forward to make the decision to update our own home. And now, it’s one year since we threw ourselves into the midst of a first floor renovation.

There’s a quote that applies to where we were and where our clients can be when they decide to take that one step forward. Neil Donald Walsh said “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.

I often share this idea – nothing changes until you start to make a change happen. You can talk about it, read Instagram posts about it. But, nothing happens until you make the first call to an architect, contractor or interior designer.

Now one year later, I head downstairs in the morning to a beautiful first floor with new flooring, a new kitchen, a fresh coastal feel in the rooms and a sense of gratitude for all the trades who helped us create our ideal home.

Are we totally finished? Well, no. It’s a process. I’m currently working on a wall of art work in our Dining Room (used to be our Living Room).

Yes, it was tricky eating dinner upstairs and washing dishes in the garage during the renovation. But, the renovation helped us clear out so many unnecessary furnishings that landed in the dumpster. The feeling you get when you clear out and let go of ‘stuff’ is so uplifting.

You can do this too. It also boils down to the fact that you deserve to live in a place that makes you smile. And now in the morning, I often create a concept ‘board’ of colors, images, wall-coverings, fabrics, etc. in our ‘coastal inspired’ dining room. Maybe your concept board will be here soon. I can’t wait!

A little color, touch of blue, and the sailor teddy always makes me smile.

Smooth flooring, textured wallcovering, patterned fabric, corals and paint colors