Max posing after his daily walk 

This morning on my daily walk with Max I bundled up because of the cool temperatures. But the sun was about to shine so I ‘pivoted’ to the thought that it was going to be a beautiful day after all.

It seems we are all instructed to ‘pivot’ or re-direct our strategies at home and in business  these days. However, I like to approach the near future a different way. Since becoming an avid reader of Dr. Joe Dipenza’s books, I have a daily morning ritual or meditation.

I follow his suggestion to ‘see and feel’ myself today, as being and feeling happy, grateful and successful in my role as a coastal interior designer. At the beginning of this year, I implemented this practice and it has totally transformed my days so I can be the inspired, creative and effective designer my clients need to transform their homes for the upcoming season.

If you’re interested in learning a new way of living,  Dr. Dispenza’s books can be downloaded on Audible so you can take him and his incredible stories wherever you walk or drive in your car.

In the meantime, I am so grateful to find the fan and the lighting fixtures below that will be installed before long. I can see them adding such interest and beauty to these coastal homes. Also, I am most grateful for these wonderful clients who have allowed me to do what I do best – create their vision of the happiest, most beautiful homes for years to come.



Galveston Fan .png
Yesterday’s install in Lavallette, NJ 
Shore Birds Lamps .png
For a Guest Bedroom at the Shore 
Serena and Lily Floorlamp .png
Who said Floorlamps are boring? 
Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 9.56.48 AM.png
A Driftwood Lamp to light up those Summer Nights