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How to use Colors to Change Your Mood

If you’re like us, you may feel a bit challenged with the near future.

That’s certainly understandable, yet there are many things under your control. You can face the day and see the lack, the things you don’t ‘have’. Or, you can take a moment to realize the many things you have around you that can change your mood – like color.

For instance, I can change my mood with color. I notice colors when I take my walk in the morning – sunrises, flowering trees, etc.

This photo brought me back to the colors of summer and a beautiful beach day at the Jersey Shore

The colors I see in the images on my new website designed by Design 446 have encouraged me to get back to writing blog posts again. The colors in the images below actually inspire me to write about coastal homes and coastal colors.


And, the colors in the beautiful bedding below from the Matouk Schumacher Collection grabbed my attention when I took a break to catch up on design trends. Look out for the colors that call to you. Decide to use a color at home that you love and surround yourself with it, or wear it.

Photo courtesy of Matouk Schumacher 

Wear it. See it. Live in it. Love it.





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