How to Dream and then Live in Colors inspired by the Coast

Website photo of beach
What do you love about the coast of New Jersey?   Is this the start of  the Coastal Color Story for your Home?

So often I hear someone ask me how to pick a color for their bedroom, family room, etc. Should they go to the paint store and pick from the latest coastal paint color collection?

Should they use the same paint color their friends used that they really love?

Here’s what I do, I notice and listen to what my clients say they love about the coastal life. Is it the beach and the sand, or maybe the sunrises and sunsets that they think about? Is it the sailing life or Tices Shoal in the summer?

Think of the way you feel about the scenes that bring you those memories. For instance, close your eyes and ‘feel’ the waves around your ankles while you look at the tide coming in. Maybe the color of sand, the shades of blue ocean and puffy white clouds could be your starting point for your color story.

Or, close your eyes and think of the sunset over the water. Maybe a touch of coral with blue would capture the colors you love.

“We dream in colors inspired by the Coast”

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