Now that we survived another non-snow storm, we can start to look toward Spring. We can look toward a new color story in our homes or maybe even our wardrobe.

It’s not unusual to find yourself wearing the same clothes in the same shade of black, blue etc. The same is true for our homes. Yes, gray paint colors have been all the rage and I like the change from the beige era we had so long. But, your whole home, furniture or bedding doesn’t have to be gray, greige or beige.

I prefer and tend towards the idea of a neutral paint color for a Foyer leading into halls. It gives you the opportunity to add color in other rooms like your Powder Room, Family Room or bedrooms. It keeps you from being overwhelmed from too much color. Remember, color does have an effect on you. It can create a sense of harmony or when used too much – it can create a sense of anxiety. That’s why I like to take time to select colors in my client’s home and also my home – both inside and outside.

What are you considering for color in your home?

Are you stuck in a color rut?

Do you need help with color selection in paint, fabrics or furniture?

Just as I use a trainer for help on my food selections and exercise habits, you might give yourself the gift of a ‘color trainer’ designer to help you find your best colors for your home.

And who doesn’t like a trend that is here to stay?

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