If you’re like most people, picking the right colors for your home can be a tricky if not frustrating task. You may like blue, but as soon as you step into a paint store, you’ll find more shades of blue than you thought were possible. Or, maybe you’re tired of your colors and want a whole new color scheme. You see ideas on the web or Pinterest, but nothing stands out and you’re not sure where to go with your color journey.

While you could just give up and paint the whole house white, think about the colors that call to you now and then. When we think of favorite holidays or vacations, favorite meals or favorite flowers, our memories are truly in color. Maybe you could start with pinpointing those memories and the colors that represent those times.

Remember when you were young and it was fun to select and color with Crayola crayons? Try to see your ‘color’ journey as something fun and enjoyable to do. Give yourself a chance to go back to a time when you loved colors.

Here’s a different way to find your perfect hue:

Are your memories connected to food, events or occasions?

Blog lobster party
Blue, white, yellow or touch of coral

Are your memories connected to a place you love. Maybe it’s a place known for its flowers like Nantucket and its rambling cottage roses?

Blog nantucket photo
Pink, lavender, white and gray

Are your memories connected to places you love to visit overseas or on vacation?

Maine photo
Peaks Island Nicole Wolf Photography

For instance, when I think of places I would go back to visit every year, I think of Nantucket, Sag Harbor, Montauk, East Hampton and Bozeman, Montana.

What’s your favorite memory and what colors would describe your memory?