Coastal Colors
Shades of the Coast

Hmmm – good question!

If you’re imagining a ‘coastal’ inspired home, but not sure you want to use blue on the walls, etc. – it’s okay!

Also, some people love the idea of shells, sailboats, and ocean waves when they want to add a ‘coastal vibe’ to their home. So the colors they love may be in beige, pink tones, or various shades of blue and whites.

However, when I design the color scheme for a client who loves a coastal home or who lives near the coast, it will depend on how they describe what the word coastal means to them.

Where our home is located we are only ten minutes to the Atlantic Ocean or the Toms River. Yet, our backyard has views of dense woods. Would it be okay to feature some coastal colors if the home was not on the water? Absolutely!

Coastal decor should reflect the feeling you have when you think of coastal living. When I think of coastal living, it’s the view and sound of the waves on the shore and how it makes me feel. So we have some blues, some greige paint colors and enough white tones for trim and contrast on our walls.

For some clients, blue with gray undertone paints give them the coastal feeling on their walls. For others, it may be beiges or sandy tones that remind them of how they feel when they’re enjoying the beach.

Or, they might prefer white paint colors which remind them of the happiness they feel watching the summer sky filled with cumulous clouds.

What feeling do you have when you hear the word ‘coastal’?

For more info on colors, check out the link below from another blog post you many enjoy.

Yes, we did actually use a blue in our Dining Room and family and friends say ‘It feels so peaceful”.

Enjoy a great day!