Why should you be concerned with ‘wellness’? Maybe it’s just another fad or a fast trending idea. But I think it’s so important to look into wellness as a relief from a fast paced and stressful world whether you live in-land or on the coast.

Since the idea of ‘Wellness’ habits include regular exercise for “building physical strength, flexibility and endurance” according to the NWI (National Wellness Institute”, then how we recover from exercise and/or work is just as important.

Imagine your typical day and all the stresses you endure. Then imagine ending the day submerged in warmth, bubbles floating around you. You don’t have to wait to go to a spa or a retreat, it’s right here in your home waiting for you.

Talk about a home! I remember the first time I saw my son’s bedroom in their rental home while they were building a new home in Greenwich, Ct. Upstairs in the Master Bedroom and opposite their bed was a beautiful tub in front of a large window that overlooked a lake.

Every night my grandsons would take their evening bath in the tub below. What more could you want than the warmth of the water and that view from the tub? Now I’m not saying you should add a tub to your bedroom. But think of your new to-be-built home and how you can add that same feeling of warmth, in a soothing area to complete your day with a restful tub experience.

If your vision of relaxation is to feel like you’re floating in a warm stream, the MTI exclusive Stream Bath can fulfill your wildest dreams. Water moves in a stream-like current with an optional inline heater to transform a once achy body into a relaxed and soothed body.

Photo courtesy of MTI

Besides the Stream Bath, you might enjoy a simple and relaxing Soaking Bath hydrotherapy which is designed to keep the bath water warm while lowering your blood pressure.

Another bath option is perfect for those of us who love the idea of bubbles in your bath. If the idea of a bath giving you a full body massage sounds interesting, join me for the next Wellness tip in baths by MTI and their Air Bath technology.

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