Don’t be fooled by the often rainy and cool season. It’s here temporarily to be replaced by sun, warm temps and beach days.

While we don’t live on the beach, we are ten minutes to the ocean, ten minutes to the river and a walk away from the Barnegat Bay. Needless to say, our summer is filled with beach and boating days and events.

And, you may feel like we do, that there is so much to do to make a home ready for family and friends at the shore this summer.

So, consider this your ‘lucky 7’ reminder to start your list of to do’s to make your home ready for summer. However, to do lists are only worthwhile if you actually intend checking each item off!

I’ll be happy to share this to-do list with you (that I am actually composing as I write). Maybe you can use it to start your journey to be ready for the summer season.

Your very own Summer To Do List

  1. Do the first and the One Thing that will get your ball rolling. Take a minute to stop and close your eyes. See yourself enjoying friends and family at your home. (I’ve recently revisited the book “The One Thing” to help me focus and it may help you too.)
  2. Start on the inside or outside of your home. Is it time to control the light coming in with new window shades? One item on my list is either Bahama shutters or indoor/outdoor drapes on our porch.
  3. Look down and then – look up for a reputable tile cleaning company. After a few years your tile grout probably needs a good cleaning.
  4. If you haven’t changed your dining chair seat cushions in a while, you will be happy to see all the Crypton fabrics and indoor outdoor fabrics that are easy to keep clean for years. Also, the foam seat cushions loose their firmness after awhile and need to be updated too.
  5. Paint a new color on that one room you’ve been talking about for years. Changing paint color can transform your space in almost an instant.
  6. If your closets look like mine, there is probably a mix of winter, spring and summer clothes in one place. I don’t know about you, but I have to remove everything and then add back only the pieces I will use for the summer (to make way for new clothes too).
  7. Plan on adding at least one thing to your home that you’ve been eyeing on Instagram or Pinterest. For instance, I’ve been searching for new exterior lights that have more of a coastal vibe. If you’re steps from the ocean, check my blogpost about selecting light fixtures.

For help with any or all of the above, call Mary Alice today.

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