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5 Top Trends in Coastal Homes this Year

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TREND 1 – Color makes a comeback inside the home 

I am not the best advocate of following trends. I steer toward classic design that is timeless. But, once in a while, I’ll see or use a design style that might be considered trendy.

One of those trends is the use of color on the ceiling as shown here. Now, if your ceilings are 8′ high, this might not work for you.

But if you’re the lucky one who has a 9′ or higher ceiling, I’d say –

Go ahead and color your space in one wrap-around color you love.

And no, this does not make a room appear small. Actually, it extends the space and pulls you into it. Well done Ashley!

Besides using color through a space, our next installment will discuss another ‘trend’ I’m happy to say is perfect. It’s perfect  for a home that needs furnishings that can stand up to daily wear and tear.

For help with your own home decorating or renovation project – call me to see how we can take the ‘overwhelmed feeling’ you have, so you can enjoy your home asap.

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